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About Me


Who am I?

I am a doctoral candidate at Michigan State University working towards a dual Ph.D. in Fisheries & Wildlife and Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior. While at MSU, I have completed a graduate certificate in Spatial Ecology, and a certificate in College Teaching, and was selected as Future Academic Scholar in Teaching (FAST) Fellow in 2018. I am a Lecturer in the Biology Department at the University of Michigan-Flint and also an active member in The Wildlife Society.

What do I do?


My current research, is part of a large collaborative project, where I focus on wildlife responses to various silviculture techniques for promoting diversity and sustainability in Michigan's Northern hardwood forests. My research background includes habitat analysis and spatial movements of headstarted Blanding’s turtles, invasive species modeling, spatial analysis of big data and travel modes, and perceptions of downtown Flint, MI. My interests are grounded in spatial and landscape ecology, conservation biology, wildlife management, and animal behavior. My focus includes finding ways to better manage wildlife and ecosystems, improve wildlife technique methods, work in collaborative spaces across disciplines and be a champion for diversity and equity.


In my free time:

I enjoy the good things, such as outdoor activities with my kids, eating good food, reading, music, and appreciating all the wonderful things life has to offer. Backcountry hiking is one of my passions, my longest trip to date was the Pacific Crest Trail in 2002. I enjoy long road trips with good music and observing the changing landscape as I travel. The Pacific Northwest and Northern Rocky mountains are some of my favorite areas along with my home state of Michigan in the Midwest. I love maps! I like reading, following, and making maps of everything I do and see!

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